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Young Writers Contest Honorees 2018

Bookshop Santa Cruz

Bookshop Santa Cruz established the Young Writers Contest in 2010 to highlight talented young people in our community who enjoy writing and storytelling. In this annual contest, Bookshop Santa Cruz staff narrowed down the entries to a set of finalists. Bookshop Santa Cruz is proud to showcase their work in this printed edition.

Ages 6-9

First Place: Keelin Duffy & Aisha McCollogh, 9, Leia and Mayla and the Revenge of Darkness 

Second Place: Xander Faer Nass, 7, I Caught a Huge One!

Third Place: Daphne Robertson, 9, Gila Monsters Come to Arizona

Honorable Mention: Jacob Stone, 9, The Wave 

Honorable Mention: Zoe Loudenslager, 9, The Battle for Survival 

Ages 10-13

First Place: Cassandra Lopez, 13, Could Flowers Bloom Again?

Second Place: Julia Mao, 11, Your Choice

Third Place: Violet Wolfers, 10, The Adoption Diary 

Honorable Mention: Ciel Duffy, 11, Without Coco 

Honorable Mention: Jade Haskins, 11, Nightfall 

Ages 14+

First Place: Lily Sonnenblick, 14, Birlity Lane

Second Place: Claire Chandler, 15, Death, the Boy and the Clockwork Hall, In which a Boy Loses His Mother, Travels the World, and Befriends Death 

Third Place: Jesse Chamberlain, 15, The Hospital Window

Honorable Mention: Kyleigh Cawaling, 15, Press to Start 

Honorable Mention: Amrita Bhasin, 17, The Lost Key