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Young Writers Contest Honorees 2016

Bookshop Santa Cruz

Bookshop Santa Cruz established the Young Writers Contest in 2010 to highlight talented young people in our community who enjoy writing and storytelling. In this annual contest, Bookshop Santa Cruz staff narrowed down the entries to a set of finalists. Bookshop Santa Cruz is proud to showcase their work in this printed edition.

Ages 6–9

First Place: Sage Preud'homme Silver, 9, A Life of a Sled Dog 

Second Place: Zenobia Russi Barrett, 9, The Curious Owl and Athletic Monkey 

Third Place: Adria Grace Mikolyski-Coulson, 9, It Was a Time of War

Honorable Mention:

Ezekiel Tapia, 8, The President of Fish 
Ruben Marcus, 9, The Stolen Book 

Ages 10-13

First Place: Zara Minra Brandt, 13, The Wild

Second Place: Mikaela Simpkinson, 13, Finally Facing Fates Finest

Third Place: David Hill, 13, Hoot

Honorable Mention:

Grace Anne Jones, 10, One Moment 
Kanaea Bonn, 12, Seeing Red

Ages 14+

First Place: Riley Rozario, 14, Her Peaceful Silence

Second Place: Odessa de Boer, 17, Stars 

Third Place: Margaret O’Hara, 16, The Fifth Visitor 

Honorable Mention:

Julia Pearson, 14, Chasing the Sunset
Isaac Ludington, 14, So Real