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Young Writers Contest Honorees 2015

Bookshop Santa Cruz
Bookshop Santa Cruz established the Young Writers Contest in 2010 to highlight talented young people in our community who enjoy writing and storytelling. In this annual contest, Bookshop Santa Cruz staff narrowed down the entries to a set of finalists. Bookshop Santa Cruz is proud to showcase their work in this printed edition

2015 Honoress

Ages 6-9

First Place: Raina Sawyer, 9, Whose Life is Harder?
Second Place: Bryce Holden, 8, The Big Trip
Third Place: Siena Liddicoat, 7, How the Snake Got Its Scales
Honorable mention: Hadley Graydon, 7, Mango and Jinetta
Honorable mention: Clara Weaver, 8, The Stone Witch

Ages 10-13

First Place: Sage Liem, 12, In the Dark
Second Place: Brooklynn Winters, 12, Howl
Third Place: Mira Wichelmann, 13Epitaph of the Once Alive
Honorable mention: Olivia Knapp, 13The Perfect Truth
Honorable mention: Caeli Tani, 12I Am From

Ages 14-17:

First Place: Meiya Sparks, 15, A Short Eulogy for God
Second Place: Brittany Marshall, 17, The Drought
Third Place: Virginia Ontiveros, 15, Dear Anna
Honorable mention: Julia Pearson, 14, Colors of the Music
Honorable mention: Zachary Parrish, 15The Fall of White