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Young Adult Blind Date with a Book

Blind Date with a Book for YA! Our Blind Date with a Book program for adults and young adults has been hugely popular for the past few years, and this year promises to be another big hit!. Let us set you or your YA Valentine up on a Blind Date with a Book! Our YA Department staff picked out books we adore, wrapped them up to hide their identity, and gave short descriptions to entice you. You can’t unwrap a book until you’ve taken the plunge and purchased it, but you CAN rest assured that all of these books have been thoroughly vetted—and come with our heartfelt recommendations.

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  • Twin sisters on their own first-love journeys
  • For one, the age-old dilemma: super-cool hipster or geeky boy-next-door?
  • And there’s a wedding to plan, set in WA the year gay marriage is legalized
  • A fun romp through the waning days of high school

  • Fantasy/Romance Novel
  • Magical Scissors *snip* *snip* 
  • Who says girls can’t be Master Tailors?
  • An unlikely and forbidden romance (gasp!)

  • What happens after you finish your epic quest?
  • Cool worldbuilding
  • High stakes
  • LGBTQIA romance!
  • How do you balance keeping your word with staying true to yourself?


  • Twin brother & sister narrators
  • Different perspectives, different timelines, one heart
  • Each navigating their own life & love stories
  • SUCH a satisfying ending

  • Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe meets Roswell meets Stranger Things
  • Dead bruja grandma constantly making her presence known 
  • Vivid imagery and explicit social commentary
  • Magic dances on each page
  • Kick-ass girl full of heart


  • Graphic Novel
  • Queer Romance
  • Would you guard your partner with a sword while she’s peeing in the woods?
  • Intimate relationship glimpses
  • Charming colors and shapes
  • Themes of forgiveness 

  • Broken boys 
  • Vicious wolves
  • Girls lost in the woods but not alone
  • Celebration of sisterhood and feminine power
  • Vengeful overthrow of the patriarchy