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Young Adult Blind Date with a Book

Take a chance on literary love and let us set you up on a Blind Date with a Book!

Our staff picked out young adult books we adore, wrapped them up to hide their identity, and gave short descriptions to entice you. You can’t unwrap a book until you’ve taken the plunge and purchased it, but you CAN rest assured that all of these books have been thoroughly vetted—and come with our heartfelt recommendations. 

You can view this year's Blind Dates from the adult side here.

  • Raunchy, weird, and wildly funny.
  • Totally Vonnegut-esqe.
  • Main character is a bisexual teen boy, which is still rarely seen in literature.
  • About a burgeoning apocalypse caused by the accidental release of giant, genetically engineered, man-eating Praying Mantises--and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Kick-butt yet complex female protagonist surrounded by equal well-drawn supporting characters.
  • The romance subplot is one of my favorites in YA.
  • 1st book in a fantastic trilogy!
  • Part Tamora Pierce, part Hunger Games, all brilliant action fantasy.

  • Paranormal mystery
  • Unexpected romance
  • Connection to Jack the Ripper
  • Cute London charm!
  • English boarding school!

  • Cool magic system (necromancy!)
  • A world divided
  • Mystical cat(?) companion
  • Cute mysterious mage with an unknown past
  • Epic consequences in the battle of good and evil

  • She's falling in love
  • He's falling asleep
  • ...And not in an I'm-so-sleepy sort of way
  • ...But rather in a weeks-at-a-time, drop-out-of-life, serious-brain-disorder way
  • A love'ish story that requires more than a few leaps of faith by our heroine & hero

  • Mystery set in Victorian London!
  • An all-female detective agency!
  • Spying!
  • Hidden identities!

  • Kickass displaced queen-turned-spy!
  • Mysterious (and sometimes dangerous) magic!
  • Sizzling romance!
  • Spying & palace intrigues!

  • 18th Century Grand Tour across Europe gone awry
  • Romantic
  • Hilarious dialog
  • Lovable, sarcastic characters

  • High fantasy world building
  • Unique magic system
  • Modeled after the Russian Empire of the early 19th century
  • Diverse band of fleshed-out characters
  • Woman on a quest