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Words to Act On by Ecology Action

Since Earth Day 1970, Bookshop Santa Cruz and Ecology Action have always been on the same page. To help our grassroots organization get started 46 years ago, Bookshop gave Ecology Action permission to use the back of their store so that our all-volunteer team could collect bottles and cans to kick off Santa Cruz’s first recycling program. A lot has changed since then, but one thing has not: the commitment of Bookshop Santa Cruz and Ecology Action to inspire people to take action at the local level to create a thriving planet and community.

In the wake of recent sweeping rollbacks of environmental protections and climate change policies at the national level, Bookshop and Ecology Action have partnered once again through the Words to Act On campaign to inspire you to share ideas over books about key environmental issues and to take action right in your own backyard. Already, we have marched for science and celebrated together on Earth Day. We also discovered that Bookshop readers are passionate cyclists, too! Hundreds of supporters joined us to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ecology Action’s signature event— Bike to Work Day—surrounded by a week-long series of biking activities, including the It’s Easy Being Green Bike Party Ride. And now we look forward to listening to Paul Hawken lay out a doable map for reversing climate change through his Drawdown project that tapped 200 thought leaders for the 100 ideas that can get us there.

Throughout this partnership, you’ve been generous in sharing your stories and concerns about healing the environment, and clearly, the community is listening. We invite you to visit the Ecology Action website to discover inspiring stories of action and join our Nine Simple Actions campaign to help you take a few simple steps in your daily life to combat climate change.

We also hope you’ll come and meet our team at the last spring event for Words to Act On, taking a look at the environmental community read Coming of Age at the End of Nature by Julie Dunlap.

Through your participation in the Words to Act On campaign, we hope you gain a deeper understanding of the impact climate change has on people and the planet. Also, we hope that you’re empowered to act, fueled by a new understanding of the real potential to turn it all around together. —Ecology Action

As part of our partnership, Bookshop and Ecology Action (along with the community) worked together to create a list of some of the most accessible and influential books that educate and inspire action on the issues of the environment and climate change. Browse our selections for adults and for young readers.