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Women's Voices Challenges

1. Listen to and learn from women. Challenge your understanding by exposing yourself to different viewpoints through books.

2. Speak up in your workplace or school. Be intentional about the spaces you occupy, that they are inclusive of traditionally marginalized communities, voices, issues, cultures, etc.

3. Donate your money and/or time. Support non-profit organizations working for women.

4. Vote with your dollars. Support women-owned businesses and encourage your friends to do the same.

5. Call out inequality: Even small acts of resistance can make a difference.

6. Rally political support through groups such as Emily's List, Breaking the Glass Ballot, and NOW

7. Mentor girls and raise their aspirations: It's so important to support and empower young girls and have female mentors for female students.

8. Create partnerships between men and women. To truly advocate for women's equality, encourage men to step up and play their part.

9. Resist stereotypes: Women are more likely to be labeled negatively for the same actions that would make a man "ambitious." Recognize these occurrences and consider what actions you can take.

10. Represent your viewpoint and your pursuits on social media. Share relevant articles and help facilitate respectful conversations.