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TICKETED OFFSITE EVENT: Karen MacNeil, The Wine Bible

Thursday, October 13, 2022 - 7:00pm

TICKETED OFFSITE EVENT: Bookshop Santa Cruz, the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce, and Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History welcome wine expert Karen MacNeil for a celebration of the new edition of The Wine Bible—America's bestselling wine book. The third edition of this essential book is completely revised and updated and is now in full-color.

This special event, which will include a book talk, signing, and Q&A, will take place at Soif Wine, 105 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz. Wine and small plates will be available for purchase. Audio at the event provided by Santa Cruz DJ. Multiple ticket options available.

"A masterpiece of wine writing. Karen MacNeil has taken her three decades' worth of experience and distilled it into an amazingly approachable, fun, and educational book. It is the best wine book written in years and will remain a classic forever." —Kevin Zraly, author of Windows on the World Complete Wine Course


No other wine book compares to The Wine Bible in its gift for grounding the reader deeply, and happily, in the fundamentals while layering on passionate asides, tips, anecdotes, definitions, illustrations, maps, labels, and recommended bottles. It is like a complete, always fascinating wine course from a truly great teacher. Karen MacNeil, "America's missionary of the vine" (Time Magazine), is the only U.S. winner of every major wine award in the English language. And she herself has never stopped learning. For this new edition she tasted $168,000 worth of wines, a tremendous sacrifice to keep the reader current with: New chapters on Great Britain, Croatia, Israel; a new section called In the Beginning...Wine in the Ancient World; new fully revised Great Wines section (formerly the "Wines to Know") for each country and region; expanded chapters on France, Italy, Australia, South America, and the U.S.; an expanded grape glossary including 400-plus varieties; a revised wine terms glossary; and an expanded Mastering Wine Section incorporating latest science on taste and smell.

Truly, a bible for curious wine-lovers of every level of expertise. 

One of the foremost wine experts in the United States, Karen MacNeil is the only American to have won every major wine award given in the English Language. In a full-page profile on her, TIME Magazine called Karen, "America's Missionary of the Vine." Karen is the author of the award-winning book, THE WINE BIBLE, the single best-selling wine book in the United States, with more than one million copies sold. She is the creator and editor of WineSpeed, the top digital newsletter in wine in the United States. Known for her passion and unique style, she conducts seminars and presentations for corporate clients worldwide. The former wine correspondent for the Today Show on NBC, Karen was also the host of the PBS series Wine, Food and Friends with Karen MacNeil, for which she won an Emmy. And finally, Karen is the creator and Chairman Emeritus of the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies at the Culinary Institute of America, which has been called the "Harvard" of wine education. More information is available at

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