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Keep Kids Reading / Walls to Bridges Fundraiser

Bookshop Santa Cruz is excited to support the Walls to Bridges Book Project, founded by UC Santa Cruz undergraduate Alyssa Marie Tamboura, through our Keep Kids Reading Fundraiser. The book project mails children a book “from” their incarcerated family members in San Quentin State Prison, with an emphasis on incarcerated fathers. Informed by her own experience as a child of an incarcerated parent, Tamboura started the Walls to Bridges Book Project to keep incarcerated persons and their children and family connected during the pandemic.

Due to Covid-19, the visiting room at San Quentin has been sitting empty for the first half of the 2020 year, impacting the already strained relationships between incarcerated men and their children and other family members. Children that once lost a parent, grandparent, brother, etc. are facing yet another loss as they are unable to see their loved one. The Walls to Bridges Book Project was created to mitigate some of the additional consequences that the lack of visiting and increasing separation cause. Incarcerated individuals can participate in the lives of their family and stay connected by sending their child a book, selected for their age and reading level. There is no charge—only an opportunity to help children still feel loved and connected to their incarcerated loved ones.

Read much more about the Walls to Bridges Book Project here, and more about the origins of Walls to Bridges here.

Learn more about our Keep Kids Reading Fundraiser here.

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