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Bookshop Santa Cruz Trivia Challenge

This fall marks Bookshop’s 45th anniversary. Thanks to everyone who took the Bookshop Santa Cruz Trivia Challenge to test your knowledge of Bookshop’s 45-year history.

GRAND PRIZE: The person with the most correct answers will win a $150 Bookshop gift certificate! Second and third place winners will also be awarded.

1) Who is Bookshop’s literary mascot? Walt Whitman

2) What is Bookshop Santa Cruz’s bestselling book of all time?: Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone

3) What is the name of Bookshop Santa Cruz’s children’s buyer/bookseller who has worked for the store for 33 years? Ga Lombard

4) Bookshop Santa Cruz owner, Neal Coonerty, once chased down a nun in full habit for shop lifting: True

5) Which S.F. Bay Area author held the first author event at the new Bookshop Santa Cruz after Bookshop moved out of the tent?  Isabelle Allende

6) What is the date Bookshop Santa Cruz first opened its door? November 6, 1966

7) Bookshop Santa Cruz weighed Rush Limbaugh’s book and then sold it for the price of this food item: Baloney

8) How many years did Bookshop operate out of Booktent Santa Cruz after the earthquake?: 3 Years

9) Name two cafés that Bookshop has been connected to throughout its history: Chocolate, Georgiana’s, Café Pergolesi, Cafézinho

10) What book is the most stolen from Bookshop? The Bible

11) Which owner managed the card, gift, and calendar section for many years? Candy Coonerty

12) What airplane item did Bookshop Santa Cruz give away with every purchase of the issue of Time magazine that featured Newt Gingrich as Man of the Year? Barf Bag

13) What is the name of the cat that used to live at the old Bookshop before the earthquake? Walt

14) Which author rode his motorcycle cross country to all of his author appearances, including one for Bookshop at the Civic Auditorium? Stephen King

15) What movie starring Peter O’Toole and Mariel Hemingway was filmed at Bookshop Santa Cruz? The Creator

16) Who was the best-selling author at Bookshop Santa Cruz in the ’70s? Carlos Castaneda

17) Which female author appearance at the Rio Theater required Bookshop to hire security guards to provide the author extra protection? Jane Fonda

18) What large household item was located in the center of the store in 1971–1972? Waterbed

19) Which iconic Bookshop item did Neal Coonerty save when given only 15 minutes to go into the crumbling building after the 1989 earthquake? Rocking Horse

20) Name two different stations/activities during a Harry Potter release night event: Fortune telling, Quidditch, Sirius at the Fireplace, Magic Show, Frog Hopping, Storytelling

21) How many generations of Coonertys have operated Bookshop Santa Cruz? Two

22) Name two sections of Bookshop Santa Cruz that were located in the basement of the old Bookshop before the earthquake? Posters, Textbooks, Mystery, Science Fiction, Frame Shop

23) What is the name of the band that has played for 33 years at Bookshop birthday parties? Hot Damn String Band

24) What is the name of the chain bookstore that located itself directly across the street from Bookshop Santa Cruz but went bankrupt in 1998? Crown Books

25) Which author/humorist had the largest in-store author event in the history of Bookshop Santa Cruz? David Sedaris

26) What is Bookshop Santa Cruz’s largest section (by sales)? Children’s

27) What is Bookshop Santa Cruz’s smallest section (by sales)? Critical Literature

28) Which political author and humorist said this about Bookshop Santa Cruz: “If books have souls (and I believe they do), then Bookshop Santa Cruz would be their heaven”? Jim Hightower

29) What chain bookstore did the bare-breasted ladies protest on Pacific Avenue when it opened? Borders Bookstore

30) Which company did Bookshop Santa Cruz partner with to offer e-books via Google

31) What is Bookshop’s best-selling magazine? People

32) Which author has appeared the most times at Bookshop Santa Cruz? Laurie King

33) What year did Bookshop Santa Cruz have its best sales in history? 1999

34) What is the name of the precursor bookstore to Bookshop Santa Cruz which was located at the same address Bookshop Santa Cruz currently occupies? Hip Pocket Bookstore

35) Where has Bookshop donated tens of thousands of used books when they were not bought for the store? Friends of the Santa Cruz Library

36) What product did Bookshop sell from a shed located next to Booktent Santa Cruz after the earthquake? Used Books

37) What is the name of the National Geographic book written by Ryan Coonerty? Etched in Stone

38) Who said this quote used on many Bookshop Santa Cruz t-shirts: “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it is too dark to read”? Groucho Marx

39) As one of the only downtown private businesses to do so, what public resource does Bookshop Santa Cruz provide to the tune of $50,000 per year? Bathrooms

40) Who is the subject of the statue located outside of Bookshop Santa Cruz and what is he playing? Tom Scribner, saw

41)Which local environmental nonprofit started their recycling program by placing recycling bins outside the back door of Bookshop Santa Cruz before the earthquake? Ecology Action

42) What Santa Cruz cultural landmark occupied Bookshop’s current location before the 1989 earthquake? Catalyst

43) Where is the phrase “Reading maketh a full man; writing an exact man” displayed in the store? Display fixture at the front of the store

44) What other local bookstore besides Bookshop Santa Cruz did the Coonerty family own from 1975 to 1981? Bookworks

45) Name two businesses that were located in the cobblestone courtyard behind the old Bookshop: Café Pergolesi, Kelly’s French Bakery, Cafezinho, Cobblestone Flowers, Mountain Shop, Asian Rose, Oswalds, Noodle Shop,

Tie Breaker Trivia

How many George Bush Countdown Clocks did Bookshop Santa Cruz manufacture and sell? 60,000

How many people showed up to help Bookshop retrieve all its inventory and fixtures from the damaged building after the 1989 earthquake? 400+