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Tasting Life Twice

Stephany Buswell

This is a story of triumph over adversity. Stephany grew up in the perfect suburban life but all was not what it seemed. Left an orphan in the midst of the Hippie revolution she ran away from home to find a new family with the hippies in the Haight-Ashbury. A feral child with no direction, people told her over and over she would not amount to anything. She set out to prove them all wrong.

After the fall of the Haight she headed South to Santa Cruz were her people were abundant. Still lost and looking for her way in life she traveled, smoked pot, joined an acting troupe, took classes at the local community college and finally landed a job at a hippie run natural foods bakery which lit a fire in her. Baking was her way in!

These stories chronicle her adventures and lessons in life through six decades that brought her to her purpose, to make people happy through food. Each decade she will share the food styles with recipes to reflect how we were eating during these times. She has included some of her favorite recipes from each decade. You will want to start baking and eating when you are done reading this book!