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Summer Reading Program SCHOOL INFO


In addition to inspiring students to read over the summer, your school can win great prizes if it has the most students participate in Bookshop's Summer Reading Program. (Students who finish the program earn rewards from Bookshop, Penny Ice Creamery, Pizza My Heart, and the Santa Cruz Warriors!) Bookshop gives a gift card to the school librarian of the top participating small school and top participating large school. This year we are adding an exciting new prize: the opportunity to participate in a Grab & Dash. The top schools will each receive the opportunity for one lucky child to win a "grab and dash" experience at Bookshop Santa Cruz. They can take home whatever they can carry in 45 seconds, making multiple trips to the base to drop products until their time runs out. Children's books are all up for dibs in this exciting challenge a child will never forget.

The school can decide how to use this experience. It can be auctioned off to benefit your school, or given as a prize to a student the school would like to reward.

We have seen in the past that if a school lets their community know about this opportunity, many more students from that school participate. Below are files for printable full page and quarter page flyers (in English and Spanish) for the Summer Reading Program—please feel free to distribute them to your students to encourage them to read to earn great rewards, and to encourage your school community to try to earn great prizes for your school. 




Winner must be a child and can only take children's books or toys from the children's book area of Bookshop Santa Cruz (not from the separate toys section). They get to grab whatever they can carry on their own body and can put armloads down on the base (center pillar at Bookshop) before returning for more. The child cannot grab more than 2 of any one title (no full stacks of books). If desired, families can have siblings tag team the 45 seconds. Parents must be okay with Bookshop Santa Cruz videotaping the experience to post to social media (full name of child does not need to be used). This experience will most likely happen before Bookshop opens to the public at 8:30am.