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Summer Reading Program 2020

Our popular summer reading program for young readers (going into grades K-12) has begun, and runs through September 9th this year. We are challenging kids to read 6 books—at least 3 from our recommended reading list and up to 3 of their choice. Complete the challenge and not only will you have read some terrific books, but you'll earn excellent rewards: A $5 Bookshop gift card, a free scoop from the Penny Ice Creamery, a free slice from Pizza My Heart, and special prizes from the Santa Cruz Warriors, and the Coastal Watershed Council.

How to get started: Order your books from Bookshop Santa Cruz and add the free summer reading bookmark for your age level to your cart. We will include it with your books when we ship them or when you pick them up curbside. You can also download and print the bookmarks via the pdfs below. Hang on to your bookmark because it's also your reading tracking form that you're going to use all summer and turn back into us before school starts. Pick out your first book and start reading!  





Reading selections for grades 9 - 12 are part of the Young Adult Reading Program:

Download the bookmark for:

Grades K-2 · Grades 3-4 · Grades 5-6 · Grades 7-8 · Grades 9-12

What you get to read: We have put together a great list of 8-10 recommended books per age group. To complete the challenge, read at least three of these recommended titles and up to three books of your own choosing (for a total of 6 great books) over the summer. Click on the links above to see the complete list of summer reading selections for your age group.

How to complete the challenge: Return your filled out bookmark to Bookshop,* making sure to note your name, age, and school before turning it in, by September 9th. Then you will get to collect your rewards and proudly post your name on our Summer Reading wall. If you liked the book you read, let us know by submitting a short review here (50 words or less) about why you liked it. For each review, your name will be entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card to Bookshop Santa Cruz! Reviews will be posted online for everyone to read. (Note: full names will not be posted—first names or initials only.)

Take a look at the 2019 Summer Reading Program, 2018 Summer Reading Program, 2017 Summer Reading Program2016 Summer Reading Program, 2015 Summer Reading Program, the 2014 Summer Reading Program, the  2013 Summer Reading Program and the 2012 Summer Reading Program for more recommended titles.

* Stay tuned for details on how to return your bookmark if our doors are closed (due to Covid-19) when you finish.