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Summer 2017: Words to Act On

Words To Act On is our year-long effort to focus on issues that matter in a time that matters.

Bookshop Santa Cruz is working with three local nonprofit partners throughout 2017—Ecology Action, Planned Parenthood, and the Community Action Board Immigration Project.

Every three months we will highlight one of these organizations and alert you to important steps you can take locally to make a difference, share reading lists about the issues, plan community reads for kids and adults, help raise funds for the groups, and plan a day of action to make discernible steps to support the mission of each organization.


Our first partnership is with Ecology Action. For more than four decades, Ecology Action has been providing innovative energy, water, and transportation solutions to communities across California. Here, Ecology Action shares our partnership history and outlines how we are working together now.


Planned Parenthood is Bookshop’s second Words to Act On partner. Join us for a series of summer events focusing on the important topics of reproductive rights and community health.