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Strength and Grace

Author Bio: 

Deamer was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He lived in Switzerland and the Washington D.C. area before settling in Monterey County California some thirty years ago. He currently resides in the birth city of John Steinbeck, Salinas California. Some fifteen years ago he fell in love with Mexico and considers it a second home. Deamer attributes his love of the arts to the vision of his talented mother and all those who share such passions. In addition Deamer also still enjoys the community and endless stories shared at his restaurant, Pajaro Street Grill. Since the completion of Strength and Grace, Deamer has finished four additional novels and a collection of African short stories with his collaborator, humanitarian Tererai Trent. As of this publishing, Deamer is working on four more novels. “It is a little crazy, but all of these stories are demanding my attention. I am in a zone every artist dreams to find at least once in their lifetime. It is very exciting,” For more information on his writing and art, visit his web page: Available Soon: MEETANDTELL.COM/ADVENTURE an Internet romantic adventure OMAR T in MONTEREY first of a series UMBILICAL CORD co-author Tererai Trent a collection of African short stories.