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Fly Trap by Frances Hardinge

Picking up where Fly by Night left off, and continuing to use the kind of language that sucked me into the first book, poet/con-man Eponymous Clent, 12-year-old Mosca Mye, and Mosca’s fierce goose Saracen, are running from Mandelion after inadvertently starting a revolution. They find themselves in the wealthy, dysfunctional, gated city of Toll, where half the population is active diurnally and half nocturnally. Mosca is exiled to Toll-by-Night, the different and very dangerous place that the town transforms itself into after dark. Privy to information about the kidnapping of the mayor’s daughter, Mosca makes new allies, finds the kidnappers, and reknits Toll. Wonderful language and wordplay make this fantasy world poignantly real and the book hard to put down.