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In Between Days by Andrew Porter

Andrew Porter masterfully presents each of his characters' experiences with stunning believability: Elton losing his longtime job as a respected architect, Richard developing as a poet but struggling with his relationships with other men, and Chloe discovering the consequences of her radical boyfriend's actions. When Chloe drops out of college and returns home, she sets into motion a chain of events that sparks a reaction from everyone around her. I was struck by the air of secrecy and helplessness that pervades the story, mirroring the hushed secrets and misunderstandings that fuel the plot. And even when I knew how Chloe's story would inevitably end, I had to keep reading just to see how Porter would tie everything together. This is a beautifully written, suspenseful tragedy.

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In Between Days Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307273512
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Published: Knopf - September 4th, 2012