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Staff Profile: Rachel Swan

The Care & Keeping of a Rachel

A caucasian woman wearing glasses, holding a large snake around her shoulder in front of stacks of chairs and books.Name: Rachel (Pallidasaurus californica)

Lifespan: Solid enough

Diet: Coffee, oatmeal, pizza, deviled eggs, bacon. Often found foraging in the downtown area of Santa Cruz. Provide with fresh water on a daily basis and offer fruits and veggies.

Appearance: Pale, tattooed, pierced, most commonly seen in tank tops, jeans, and sweatshirts (even in winter).

Habitat: Prefers the forests but can be seen in various locations throughout Northern California and southern Oregon. Avoids large cities unless travelling in a pack. Rachels acclimate well to average household temperatures, not to exceed 80°F; be cautious of extreme temperature changes. The habitat should never be in direct sunlight or in a drafty area.

Normal Behavior: Active and alert. Often loudly mentions reptiles, weird facts, and cannibalism in public areas. Cautious in new situations and very defensive of its pack.

Common Health Issues: Back pain from book lifting, gross fingers from touching too many books and animals. May work itself to exhaustion (a hibernative state).

Fun Rachel Facts:

• She raised guide dogs when she was younger

• Her rabbit’s name is Booger

• Currently has the largest hoard of books at BSC

Literary Preferences: Mighty Mike McGee, true crime, bizarre science (anything Mary Roach), James Rollins, Write Bloody and Button poetry, old animal and pet care books, and anything reptile- or aquarium-related. 

Rachel Swan is currently the manager of the used book department at Bookshop Santa Cruz.

This staff profile was featured in our 2018 Summer Newsletter.