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Autographed Copies and Signed Editions

Bookshop Santa Cruz offers autographed copies of many of your favorite books. Please see the listing below for the signed editions we are offering online. Contact our orders department if you have any questions.

Discounts and coupons are not applicable to the signed editions.

You can also browse our list of books you can get signed at upcoming author events.

by JoAnne Silver Jones
Paperback, Signed in Person

We now have signed copies available of Headstrong: Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury, signed in-person by author JoAnne Silver Jones at our in-store event with her on February 25th, 2020.



by Kristin J. Wilson
Paperback, Signed in Person

We have signed copies available of Others' Milk: The Potential of Exceptional Breastfeeding, signed in-person by author Kristin J. Wilson at our in-store event with her on January 24th, 2019.

Exceptional breastfeeders find creative ways to feed and care for their children—such as by inducing lactation, sharing milk, or exclusively pumping. They want to adhere to the societal ideal of giving them “the best” but sometimes have to face off with dogmatic authorities in order to do so. Kristin J. Wilson argues that while breastfeeding is never going to be the feasible choice for everyone, it should be accessible to anyone.  


by G. Craig Vachon
Paperback, Signed in Person

We have signed copies available of The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley, signed in-person by author G. Craig Vachon at our in-store event with him on February 13th, 2020.

Ralph Gibsen isn't your typical spy. In fact, he may not be a spy at all. He's lumpy, blundering and abysmal at chatting up the fairer sex. Yet, he is attracting a significant amount of attention from the intelligence community. After all, as a 30-year Silicon Valley mainstay, he can phish your passwords, bust firewalls, and has developed software used by millions to circumvent government censorship. And now, he thinks he has stumbled upon a cabal who is pushing to misuse his own technology for world domination...



by Beth Pettingill Riley
First Edition, First Printing, Signed In-Person

We now have signed first edition, first printing copies of A Moving Inquiry, signed in-person by author Beth Pettengill Riley.

Is it possible to remain connected to the wholeness of embodied experience, as modern life becomes increasingly disembodied, fragmented and fast-moving? Many people hunger for a meaningful movement practice, but struggle to find it. The movement practice offered in this book is an inquiry into the nature of human flourishing. Our lives are made of movements, and bringing an organizing consciousness to our moment-by-moment experience opens a flow of intelligence from the natural world through our senses and tissues. Instead of living “on the surface,” we can know ourselves as part of nature’s body, connected to nature’s life force. This book is a guide to establishing a personal movement practice that can serve as the foundation of daily life, with the body itself as teacher.


by Roz Chast, Patricia Marx
First Edition, First Printing, Signed In-Person

We now have signed first edition, first printing copies of Why Don't You Write My Eulogy So I Can Correct It?: A Mother's Suggestions, signed in-person by Patricia Marx and Roz Chast at our ticketed event with them on January 22nd, 2020.

The perfect Mother's Day gift: A collection of witty one-line advice New Yorker writer Patricia Marx heard from her mother, accompanied by full-color illustrations by New Yorker staff cartoonist Roz Chast.


by Beth Macy
Paperback, Signed in Person

We now have signed paperback copies of Factory Man: How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local - and Helped Save an American Town, signed in-person by author Beth Macy at our in-store event with her on August 14th, 2019.

The instant New York Times bestseller about one man's battle to save hundreds of jobs by demonstrating the greatness of American business.


by Ocean Robbins
First Edition, First Printing, Signed in Person

We have signed copies available of 31-Day Food Revolution, signed in-person by author Ocean Robbins at our in-person event with her on February 10, 2019

"Ocean Robbins brings the latest insights of medical science into a simple and brilliant program that sets you up for success. If you want to fight heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and dementia—read this book. Your life—and your world—will love you for it." —Dean Ornish, MD


by Laurie R. King


What do you think? I’m not sure if that’s Mary Russell in disguise or one of the characters from the story, but really, does it matter? And I do know that yes, that is the actual castle where much of the story takes place.  Which makes me so happy!  

A queen, a castle, a dark and ageless threat—the latest adventure of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes. 

The queen is Marie of Roumania: the doubly royal granddaughter to Victoria, Empress of the British Empire, and Alexander II, Tsar of Russia. A famous beauty, who was married at seventeen into Roumania's young dynasty, Marie had beguiled the Paris Peace Conference into returning her adopted country's long-lost provinces, single-handedly transforming Roumania from a backwater into a force.

The castle is Bran…