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SC Teen Book Crew

"The SC Teen Book Crew loves books! We are a group of real teens in Santa Cruz County writing real reviews of and covering news about books. If you love books and love Young Adult, check us out! Or, if you think you've got what it takes to add to the awesomeness of the SC Teen Book Crew, then consider joining our ranks." -Jakeh Hall

Bookshop Santa Cruz has partnered with many local high schools and local students to create a teen blog. The SC Teen Book Crew is found at

SC Teen Book Crew has reviews of Young Adult books, written by students for students. The students have access to advance copies of books not yet published, to review and promote those titles. The students have the opportunity to interview authors for the site. The site also features book trailers, book event information, and is a forum for teen readers to discuss books.


FAQ SC Teen Book Crew 

Q: What is the SC Teen Book Crew? 

A: SC Teen Book Crew is a program run by Bookshop Santa Cruz, your local independent bookstore.  It is comprised of students from the local Santa Cruz community, our reviewers are given the opportunity to interview authors and participate in book events at Bookshop Santa Cruz as well as receive free advance reading copies of books in return for their honest opinions. 


Q: How can I become part of the SC Teen Book Crew? 

A: Simply contact your school librarian or Bookshop at, and ask to become a member of the Book Crew. 


Q: Can I interact with other reviewers?

A: Yes! We now have a discord channel, where we will talk about books, plan events, and interact with like-minded readers. 


Q: How do I post my review? 

A: E-mail your review to your librarian or to: Your review will then be posted to the Teen Book Crew blog at You will also fill out a blue review card. The card has three bullet points for three sentences. The first two sentences should be something about the book. The third bullet is who you recommend the book to. The card should be handwritten. Once the cards are done return them to the information desk at Bookshop SC. 


Q: How do I get a book? 

A: Holly, the Schools Outreach Coordinator, holds TBC office hours from 3-5p on Tuesdays and Fridays. You are welcome to come by Bookshop Santa Cruz during these hours and look through all of our available books, and take one or two home with you.


Q: What do I do with the book once I am done reading it? 

A: You can keep the book after the review! 


Q: What should be in the online review? 

A: All of the reviews should have an introduction with the title of the book and name of the author. Then a brief summary of the book, things like what is the story about or major conflicts or interesting characters. Your review should also include a critique and analysis: Was the story good or bad, what worked or what didn’t. Consider story elements like plot, character, dialogue, description, tone or style. You can also share how the story or language made you feel. The final paragraph should be a conclusion where you wrap up the review and state if you would recommend the book and if so why and to whom? 


Q: What should be on the Shelf Talker (blue card)? 

A: The shelf talker has three bullet points. The first two should be something about the book. The sentences should be short and attention grabbing. Think about what would draw you to the book if you were browsing the shelves. The third bullet point is who you would recommend the book to. (If you love a good mystery this is the book for you.) When you are done with the Shelf Talker return it to the information desk at Bookshop.