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"Sarah Palin's Just Plain Nutz"


As of today Bookshop Santa Cruz is offering an essential item as a companion to the new Sarah Palin book Going Rogue - with every book we will give you a free bag of nuts, Sarah Palin's Just Plain Nutz to be exact. A bag of Sarah Palin's Just Plain Nutz is also available for $3.98 to those who can stomach a 1 ounce bag of walnuts, but can't stomach 432 pages of Sarah Palin's writing. 

"Our bag of nuts is an honest one ounce, is also good for you, and won't cause you to feel compelled to go out and shoot a moose. Sarah's new book of fictions is none of those things," says Bookshop owner Casey Coonerty Protti. "We felt we needed to strike a balance."

Bookshop Santa Cruz has a long history of commenting on political books. In 1993, Bookshop Santa Cruz weighed Rush Limbaugh’s book, See I Told You So, and sold it for the price of baloney. In 1995, when Newt Gingrich was named Time magazine’s Man of the Year, Bookshop Santa Cruz sold each copy of his book Contract With America with a custom-made barf bag.

Before the 2008 election, Bookshop Santa Cruz manufactured and sold over 65,000 George Bush Countdown Clocks to help depressed Americans know that there would be an end to the national nightmare that was the Bush administration. Clocks have been sold to fans in China, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, England and New Zealand, and have sold in over 80 outlets across the country.  Many famous people had the clock including Former President Bill Clinton, the Dixie Chicks and US Senator Barbara Boxer.

In the great American tradition of political comments on current events, Sarah Palin’s Just Plain Nutz is a little bit of nutritious needling. We can’t see Russia from our doorstep, but we can plainly see a bit of fun on our bookshelves.


Just Plain Nutz are no longer in stock. But they're still fun to think about.