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Remote Sales Event Request Form

2021 UPDATE:

Please note that this service has been suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to offer it again in the future; please check back for future updates. Please direct any questions to Thank you for your interest, and take care!


Are you hosting a local literary event or book launch, for which you’d like to have book sales? If your title is available through our publishers or distributors, Bookshop Santa Cruz may be able to source books and lend sales equipment for your event for your volunteers to sell the books on your behalf. For events we can support, we provide:

  • Books
  • Equipment
  • Training and support
  • Sales reporting to The New York Times and other bestseller lists.

For select large events, we may be able to provide direct bookselling assistance by a staff member from our store.

Please reach out to us with event details if you would like to request our participation! Notice of at least one month is advised. Sales support for book events is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to our staffing availability and sales potential. For smaller book events, we may not be able to provide full services, but will offer suggestions and alternatives to create the best possible experience.

We hope to hear from you soon!

** Please note: completion of this form does not guarantee participation in your book event. To give our book buyers and events team time to coordinate the best possible support, please allow 5 business days for a response to your request.

All fields marked with '*' denotes mandatory fields
The date your event will take place.
The time on the event date your event will take place.
Where will your event take place.
The name of the person responsible for coordinating with Bookshop Santa Cruz for this event.
The e-mail address of the person responsible for being in contact with Bookshop Santa Cruz for this event.
The phone number for the person responsible for being in contact with Bookshop Santa Cruz for this event.
Will this event be free to attend for the public, exclusive to guest list, and/or ticketed?
How many people do you reasonably expect to attend your event?
Please provide the title and author for all books you are requesting we provide for this event. ISBNs and publisher information is helpful if you have it, but not required. If you need a specific edition, please provide the edition information, and/or the ISBN.
Please note your plans for promoting this event. Traditional advertisement plans (e.g. print ads, radio, etc.), outreach to organizations or e-mail lists, social media plans with expected reach, etc.
Does this event support a charitable cause or organization or are you a 501c3 or 501c4? If so, please explain.