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Women's Voices: Recommend a Feminist Read

A red 'W" made out of two open books overlapping with a black "V" made out of one open book, flanked by "Women's Voices" and "Monthly Pick"Inspired by the storyline of The Female Persuasion, our Women's Voices book selection for April, Bookshop Santa Cruz asked feminists from different generations to recommend books to each other. What books should young feminists read to understand the history of the movement? What books do young feminists feel represent the issues facing us today? We'd like you to join the conversation: What books would you recommend? Let us know below. You can also read what books our contributors recommended here.

What is the title of the book, essay, story, poem, etc. you would like to recommend to another feminist - or someone who wants to read more feminist literature?
Who wrote your recommended feminist read?
Who are you recommending this read for? Why are you recommending it?
If you would like us to be able to contact you with questions. We will never publish, give out, or share your e-mail address.