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Salman Rushdie
SKU: A780593132982

We now have signed first edition, first printing copies available of Quichotte, signed by author Salman Rushdie on a tip-in page.

"An homage to Don Quixote, the novel tells the story of a television-obsessed South Asian man who sets out on a journey to win the heart of an actress he’s never met. Along for the ride is his imaginary son, Sancho. The book is also the story of Sam DuChamp, a mediocre and mostly failed author of spy thrillers—and the creator of Quichotte. Though one of the main characters is real, and a couple of the others are fictional, they are all fully realized, deeply human and absolutely compelling. As usual, Rushdie’s writing dazzles with intelligence, humor, breakneck pacing and brilliant turns of phrase. This is easily my favorite novel of the year." - Rico, Bookshop Santa Cruz Staff

Price: $28.00
First Edition, First Printing, Tip-In