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Publishing Services F.A.Q.



Why does Bookshop no longer have an Espresso Book Machine?

Bookshop acquired the EBM through a unique partnership with the manufacturer who paid for the machine to be housed at Bookshop as a testing ground for independent bookstores. Although the amount printed on the machine was successful, the EBM machines are very expensive ($150,000+) so Bookshop Santa Cruz could not afford to purchase one when it came time for us to make that decision. It is a rapidly changing technology where we want the most flexibility to respond to customer needs and innovation in the marketplace instead of being locked in to a particular method or design. The EBM also had limitations with fulfilling what our customers needed in a publishing/printing service (color, ebook conversion, etc.) We believe that partnering with printers in our community, like Community Printers, is a much better alternative to ensuring the best printing for the best price.

If I printed a book with you on the Espresso Book Machine, do you still have access to my files so that I can print again using your new service?

Yes, the printing specs of the EBM are based on industry standards and are fully compatible with our new printer's requirements.

If I paid to have my book available on all Espresso Book Machines worldwide, is that still going to happen?

If you have already created and uploaded to a Self-Serve Account, that account will remain active and your title(s) will be available at all participating EBM locations. Any new Self-Serve Accounts will need to be made with On Demand Books or the nearest EBM location (Sacramento Public Library).

Will you still be able to print hard to find books?

No, unfortunately the rare books catalog is one of the features that is unique to the EBM. However, Bookshop Santa Cruz can do Hard To Find searches to find titles that are being sold on the secondary market. Please call our information desk, 831-423-0900 to inquire about specific titles.

Services and Prices:

What services will Bookshop’s Publishing Services offer?

Bookshop will offer a full suite of formatting and design services including interior and cover design, ISBN registration and e-book conversion. Please see this page for a full list of services. You will be able to get help with every step of creating a book both inside and out.

Why should I publish my book through Bookshop and not use an online publishing company?

Unlike online publishing options that may only supply a F.A.Q. page to answers your questions, Bookshop can offer one-on-one personal help in the creation of your book. Our publishing consultant, with a vast knowledge of the book business, is onsite and just a phone call or email away to help with everything from cover design to registering your ISBN. Your dollars stay in our local communities and our pricing is competitive, if not better, than online competitors.

What type of books do you help people publish?

We can help with a large variety of books both for public or private use including bound galleys and advanced readers, graphic novels, cookbooks, anthologies, family histories, novels, zines, poetry collections, school fundraisers, memorial books and more.

How much does it cost?

Our basic printing prices include a $5.00 base rate for B/W interiors plus 4.5 cents/page. Books are printed with full color covers. Interior color printing is also $5.00 base rate and 15 cents/page. Formatting and design packages or services vary in price from $39.00-$349.00.

Do I have to sell my book publically in order to publish at Bookshop Santa Cruz?

No, books can be works-in-progress, personal projects or just for friends and family. However, if you ever do choose to make your book available for sale, enrollment in Bookshop's Consignment Program is quick and easy and can be done at any time.

Do I own my work or does Bookshop retain rights to my work?

We leave all the rights with the author of the work.

Does my book automatically get placed on the shelves of Bookshop Santa Cruz when I work with Bookshop Publishing Services?

Although your book will not automatically be placed for sale on the shelves, our Self-Publishing package does includes basic consignment enrollment. Authors can also easily enroll in the consignment program at any point and would then qualify for wholesale pricing.

Do you have any special discounts for nonprofits or school projects?

Please contact our Publishing Consultant to discuss your project. Each project will be evaluated individually to determine if there can be any discounts in pricing (based upon order quantity, design, etc.).

Can I use my Reader’s Club for the purchase of Publishing Services?

The Readers Club is valid on merchandise sold within Bookshop Santa Cruz. Since this is services, we are unable to offer the Readers Club with these purchases. Pricing for these jobs can vary so we are unable to offer a standard discount across all jobs.

What the hours where your Publishing Consultant is available for appointments?

Sylvie is available Tuesday-Saturday with the following times: Tuesday 10-6, Wednesday 12-6, Thursday 12-6, Friday 10-6 and Saturday 9-2.

How can I reach your Publishing Consultant?

Sylvie can be reached at 831-460-3258 or Her desk is located behind our information desk, by the windows in Asile 1 near our Cookbook section.


Is there a minimum order?

Yes, there is a 5 book minimum order for all basic and color printing.

What format does my book have to be in to be ready to print?

For a book to be considered print-ready (an requiring no further formatting or design) it must be submitted in PDF format at size (ie. 6x9" PDF pages for a 6x9" book) with all fonts embedded in consecutive pages (no folds or two-up pages). Cover art should be submitted as a separate PDF with Front, Spine and Back cover art all as one piece of art work.

What formats of e-books do you convert to?

Bookshop can now offer e-book conversions for all major e-reader platforms including the Nook, Kindle, iPad and Kobo devices.

What size formats do you support?

We can print books in a multitude of sizes from 3x5" to 9x12". However, some sizes are only available as custom orders (requiring an order of 100 units) . A list of standard sizes offered for our basic printing is available online.

Do you print in color or just black and white?

We can now offer both black and white, full color or combination (B/W and Color) book interiors. Please note combination interiors will be considered a custom print job and require a 100 unit minimum order.

Can I make changes to my book?

Yes. Most of our publishing packages allow for either one or two rounds of author revisions. Additional rounds of revisions are $19.00 each. Revisions constitute small changes to the manuscript like changes to spelling, punctuation or chapter titles.