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Promotional Package Fees

To purchase this item, you must first or simultaneously purchase the "Consignment Registration Fee​" for your title. The Promotional Package includes:

  • Your book featured for at least two weeks in a New & Recommended section for your book's genre. 
  • Your book will be listed in our email newsletter, sent to 20,000+ customers.
  • We will place a shelftalker with your book to highlight it on the shelf.
  • Customers will be able to buy your book online for the entire time it is in stock at Bookshop.

Please note that due to the high volume of promotional package submissions, it can often take at least 4-6 weeks for books to be placed in the New & Recommended section after the initial drop-off. Each package element is staggered to maximize exposure for the title. Depending on the number of active promotional titles, Local Author displays may take a minimum of 6-8 weeks from Package start date. Newsletter features occur in the order by which authors sign-up for promotional packages and often occur after in-store display periods have culminated.

Price: $110.00
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