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Paperback Customized Care Package

Send someone a little encouragement in the form of a Bookshop Care Package. A Paperback Care Package ($37 + shipping*) will include:

  • One paperback book
  • One gift item
  • One small extra something to make them smile

Just fill out the form below to help us customize your selections—it's like having a personal shopper. Paperback Care Packages are $37, but you can also choose any or all of the add-ons at the end of the form for the additional costs listed. All prices for the packages and add-ons include the tax. If you have any questions, just email us here or leave your comments/questions in the designated field in the form below.

And yes, you can send yourself a care package—no shame in that! Just fill out the form according to your own preferences and we'll gladly send it straight to you. Be sure and see all of our Care Package Options here.


*Shipping for each care package is a flat rate of $9.99. Please order non-care package items in a separate order.

PLEASE NOTE: We will send your package to whatever you specify here, regardless of the address entered in the checkout process later.
If you are picking up your order curbside and would like to fill out the card yourself, please write LEAVE BLANK and we will include a blank card.
You may upgrade your Care Package with these add-on items and the cost listed on that item will be added to your base package price.
What type of card would you like (eg: Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's Day, humorous, beautiful, etc.)