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Book Group Ambassador Program

Bookshop Book Group Trunk Show

The Book Group Ambassadors are a group of volunteers who are passionate about reading and about Bookshop Santa Cruz. With some behind the scenes training and resources, they are available to come to your book group meeting and present books that your group might enjoy. We're calling it a Book Group Trunk Show. Trunk Shows will be a curated presentation of books. The Ambassador will be prepared with brief reviews of each book and will also have several copies of each book available for purchase. For Bookshop Santa Cruz and your Book Club Ambassador, it’s about connecting with our book-reading community and learning how we can best serve you. If you’re interested in hosting a Trunk Show or have questions about it please contact us here.

How can you invite an Ambassador to your book group?
You can email us here to express your interest in having an Ambassador bring a Trunk Show to you or request more information. You can also make sure you're signed up for the Book Group Emails for the latest information.

Is there a charge for this service?
There's no charge, but books will be available to purchase at the Trunk Show.

What kind of books will an Ambassadors present?
Once a book group has invited an Ambassador to their meeting, the Ambassador will contact a book group leader or member to find out more about the book group's reading preferences and reading history. Bookshop book buyers, book sellers, and the Ambassador will then coordinate and curate a Trunk Show that will appeal to your specific book group.

Meet the Bookshop Santa Cruz Book Group Ambassadors

Read more about each of our Ambassadors and what they like to read here.


One Book Group Member's Experience:

Last year I had the opportunity to work with BSC book buyer Melinda and host a trunk show for my book club. It was one of the best meetings my club ever had! Many of the members still talk about it and ask when the next one will be. In a nutshell, the trunk show was held during a regular book club meeting where Melinda brought about a dozen books she personally curated for our book club, spent some time talking about each book, answered a bunch of questions about them and then sold copies to interested members right there at the club meeting.

It was a unique and fun event in so many ways. Instead of discussing a single book in depth, we were exposed to several books that were new to many of us (I don’t think a single person had heard of all the books let alone read them!) Melinda answered questions and provided insights that only someone who works with books could. Club members learned more about others with shared interests because of the variety of books Melinda brought. It was hard for me to control the urge to purchase every book Melinda brought - they were all so interesting! It was a night of talking about books, drinking wine and shopping! How could it have been any better?