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Before the Crash by Ian McRae

A Wall
Street fable about greed, ambition, capitalism, faith, sex, drugs. Infidelity,
ethics and the free market economy. Rachel and Evan are on the verge of
completing a deal that would advance their careers as well as their bank
accounts. The night before they are set to sign off Evan informs his boss
Rachel (whom he is also having an affair with) that he has decided to check
himself into a rehab facility for 30 days to cure him of his cocaine addiction. "The
writing is very clean, clear, musical, and witty. Before the Crash captures in
a fascinating relationship that moment just prior to that time in our culture
when we all realized the nature of the big recession in 2008. " John

Author Bio: 
Ian McRae is a respected actor, director and teacher of the Meisner technique,having studied with Sanford Meisner himself and among a privileged few who have been trained to teach the technique. At the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, home of the Meisner technique, he was called "an exciting and vital acting teacher" by Director Harold Baldridge. Ian is founder of the Ian McRae Acting Studio in Santa Cruz, former Cabrillo College Theatre Arts instructor and Director of Runnin' Dog Gallery.