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The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley--SIGNED BY AUTHOR (IN PERSON)

G. Craig Vachon
SKU: A781947521131

We have signed copies available of The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley, signed in-person by author G. Craig Vachon at our in-store event with him on February 13th, 2020.

Ralph Gibsen isn't your typical spy. In fact, he may not be a spy at all. He's lumpy, blundering and abysmal at chatting up the fairer sex. Yet, he is attracting a significant amount of attention from the intelligence community. After all, as a 30-year Silicon Valley mainstay, he can phish your passwords, bust firewalls, and has developed software used by millions to circumvent government censorship. And now, he thinks he has stumbled upon a cabal who is pushing to misuse his own technology for world domination...


Price: $17.95
Paperback, Signed in Person