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Keep Kids Reading Fundraiser

Update: August 22, 2020

KEEP KIDS READING FUNDRAISER to benefit kids affected by the Lightning Complex Fires

Like so many others, Bookshop has been thinking about how we can best support our community through this crisis. Bookshop Santa Cruz is directing our Keep Kids Reading fundraising efforts toward young readers affected by the wildfires in our community. Funds donated will be used to buy books for children who lost their homes and belongings in the fires. Bookshop will coordinate with local public school librarians to identify the families in need and to construct libraries to replace cherished titles. Books will be bought at a discount to ensure that the funds will go farther.

We have donated over 10 boxes of books, games, and activity books to adults and children at various evacuation centers in coordination with the Red Cross. We are putting together additional donation boxes every day to continue to supply these comforts to families who have been displaced. 

If you are interested in providing more immediate emergency assistance to fire victims, please consider also donating to the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County Fire Response Fund HERE.

To donate to Keep Kids Reading, please choose from amounts at the bottom of this page.

Thank you so much!


During this time of uncertainty, books are out of reach for many local kids. We know that reading is not only an important “skill” to keep up, but that books are needed now, more than ever, to provide escape, inspiration, and fun. Bookshop Santa Cruz is coordinating with local school districts, nonprofits, and organizations to help fill that gap—but we need your help to do so!

Since we began our fundraising efforts at the beginning of the shutdown, you have put $17,500 worth of books in the hands of local young readers, which have been distributed by Santa Cruz County schools and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Cruz County. This summer, the Boys & Girls Clubs were able to give books from our Summer Reading Program to young readers at each of their clubhouses!  

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Walls to Bridges Book Project as another way to bring the joy of reading to kids. Read more about this special project that provides books to system-impacted children here.

By contributing to our Keep Kids Reading Fundraiser, you will not only be putting books into the hands of children but also be helping Bookshop Santa Cruz. The purchase of these books will help keep our booksellers employed, and help sustain the store during this challenging time. Thank you so much!

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