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Keep Kids Reading Fundraiser

Keep Kids Reading Fundraiser
Announcing Bookshop's latest Keep Kids Reading partner: Border Servant Corp

Border Servant CorpFor our Spring 2024 Keep Kids Reading Campaign, Bookshop Santa Cruz is partnering with Border Servant Corp to give books to children and families of asylum-seekers and refugees seeking temporary shelter in southern New Mexico.

In times of uncertainty, separation, and change, the gift of a book can bring comfort and a sense of normalcy to a child’s life. Each child is gifted their own Spanish-language or bilingual book to take with them as they continue their journey to asylum in the United States. In the case of bilingual books, they help bridge the language gap many children face after arriving in the United States. 

Border Servant Corp’s Hospitality Center is a non-profit temporary care facility. It acts as a bridge between ICE detention centers and asylum-seekers destinations where they’ll start the long asylum-seeker/refugee US legal process. Most guests arrive after months of travel and post-detention with only the clothes on their backs and identification. At the center, guests are given fresh clothes, medical care, lodging, travel support, and meals - among other things.

About our Keep Kids Reading Fundraiser:

We always want to put books in the hands of kids! Historically, we've worked with several amazing non-profits and like-minded groups, including:

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