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Keep Kids Reading Fundraiser

During this time of uncertainty, while schools and libraries are closed, books are out of reach for many local kids. We know that reading is not only an important “skill” to keep up, but that books are needed now, more than ever, to provide escape, inspiration, and fun. Bookshop Santa Cruz is coordinating with local school districts to help fill that gap—but we need your help to do so! Donate to our Keep Kids Reading fundraiser, which will provide free books to children (grades K–12) at school lunch pick-up locations in Santa Cruz County. 

By contributing to this campaign, you will not only be putting books into the hands of children but also be helping Bookshop Santa Cruz. The purchase of these books will help keep our booksellers employed, and help sustain the store while our doors are closed. Thank you so much!

How many books would you like to gift?