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JAX Wellness Challenge

Focus: Running

Book choice: Believe Training Journal by Lauren Fleshman & Roisin McGettigan-Dumas

Hello! My name is Jax, and I wear many hats here at Bookshop Santa Cruz. I’m currently the sales coordinator for schools and businesses, assistant backlist buyer, manager of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy section, as well as just being a plain old bookseller. In addition to all of these work things, I’m also an aspiring runner! I’ve been running for a few years now, and have even completed a few races. I’ve come pretty far on my journey towards physical health, but lately I’ve felt that my progress has stalled out. I’m using this wellness challenge as an opportunity to finally start a running journal to hold myself accountable and rejuvenate my passion for running. The Believe Training Journal is written by two women – Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas—and I’m excited to learn from these cool ladies. I’m also really excited to be a part of a group of amazing women challenging themselves, and to gain inspiration and confidence from this community. Hope our experiences are useful to you in your own journey! —Jax

Mid-month Check-in: This journal is definitely keeping me honest! I'm on track to train for a half marathon with my sights set on a full marathon eventually. I do find that I wish there was more space to write, but that's because the prompts are so good. I try and write in my running journal after my run, so it's part of the whole process.

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