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Institutional Sales at Bookshop Santa Cruz

Please fill out the form below to receive a free quote for your book order for your business, organization, non-profit, or other institution. You will receive a response via e-mail within 1-2 business days. We require title, author, and quantity of books desired to generate a quote. 

This form will allow us to generate a quote, but will not place an order, or cause your institution to be billed without approval. Instructions for placing an order, should you choose to do so, will be included with your quote.

For further questions please contact Jax at .

All fields marked with '*' denotes mandatory fields
The name of the business, organization, non-profit, or other institution that this order will be billed to.
The name of the primary contact for this order, who is authorized by this institution to request a quote from Bookshop Santa Cruz, and place the order if desired.
Please enter the e-mail address you prefer to use for communication on this order.
The direct phone number of the contact person for the order. We prefer to do at least initial communication via e-mail, but the phone number is useful in case of urgent questions. If you would prefer to be contacted by phone, please indicate that in the "Order Notes" field below.
The full title of the book you would like to order for your institution.
The name of the primary author (if there are multiple) for the book you would like to order for your institution.
The International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, is the unique, 13-digit code starting with "978" assigned to each book and edition of the book. This is helpful but not required.
Pricing is often dependent on quantity, so if you are unsure of what you'd like the quantity to be please provide at least a range.
If you are hoping to order large quantities of more than one title, you can either submit this form multiple times (once for each different title), or you may also upload a file here with a list of all the titles you would like to order. Each book on the list must include title, author, and quantity desired. ISBN for each book is helpful, but not required.
If you prefer or need the books to be shipped to you, rather than picked up, please include the full shipping name and address here.
If you need the books by a specific date, please enter it here. If left blank, we will get the books to you as quickly as we can, but assume delays are acceptable.
If you have any special needs or consideration for this order, that are not communicated with the form above, please detail them here.

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