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Some responses to our turning 40 from some names you might just recognize...

40 years?
May you be forever young, defiant, funny, profound and visionary. You are the heart of a community. We need you!
Isabel Allende
If books have souls (and I believe they do), Bookshop Santa Cruz is their heaven! It certainly has been a heavenly place for me to hold book events--filled with great spirit, wonderful people, good local beer, and a truly fun time. I can hardly wait to do it again! Happy 40th!
    —Jim Hightower
Bookshop is the alert, bright eye of downtown Santa Cruz. Long may it shine.
   —Jonathan Franzen
I made $340 in tips the last time I visited your store. The staff was freakishly kind, I was allowed to smoke during the signing, and at the end of the day I was offered a free book. This makes your store perfect in my opinion, and I'd be honored to return.
       David Sedaris

Dear Bookshop Santa Cruz,

    Thank you for the years of comfort and warmth that I felt whenever I walked through your doors. Thank you for making reading cool and for helping me get through college. And thank you for the warm welcome when I released my book. Congratulations on turning 40! You are a big reason why Santa Cruz is so magical. With love and affection,
    Camryn Manheim

After visiting my daughter, Maggie, in Santa Cruz I always headed for Bookshop Santa Cruz. Why? Because Neal Coonerty and his staff extended, always, the warmest welcome. Besides that, they know books, the old and the new. They were—and are—the friendliest and most knowledgeable book people on the West Coast. Onward, Bookshop Santa Cruz!
    —Frank McCourt
Happy Birthday, Bookshop Santa Cruz! Congratulations on 40 glorious years.
   —Bill Bryson