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Greetings from Casey, May 2019

Dear Readers,
If you haven't been in the store lately, you might have missed some movement in our magazine section to make room for our latest venture at the front of the store (more on that soon!). As I worked last week to put our magazines into new fixtures, I got an up-close look at the diversity of publications that we sell. Do you want the latest on classic trains? We have that. How about a magazine on Renaissance fairs? Yep, we have that, too. I have always felt that magazines are the most niche products in the store, reflecting the exact interests of readers with a publication that speaks directly to them on a weekly or monthly basis.
That diversity is another reason why browsing in a bricks and mortar bookstore brings such pleasure. Right now, we have everything from the narrowest of subjects where you can engage in deep thinking around an important issue to books that cover trends across a millenia. Walking to my office I saw a recommended favorite, The World in a Grain: The Story of Sand and How it Transformed Civilization by Vince Beiser, right next to Jared Diamond's new book, Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis, which charts the course of nation’s responses to moments of trauma over hundreds of years. The diversity of books on any given shelf can speak to the current mood of each reader and might even uncover unknown interests in ways that online algorithms will never get right.
To help you with this discovery, I hope you picked up our latest copy of Readers, our biannual newsletter filled with over 120 recommendations for books to read this summer. In its pages, you might just find the perfect book for you.
Happy reading!
Casey Coonerty Protti
Bookshop Santa Cruz