The Gods Must Like Me: From the Bronx to Haight-Ashbury to Hollywood

Rubenstein, Jay

I have reached the twilight of my life. I am about to celebrate my 70th birthday. Maybe I have a decade or two of life left, crazy that I still feel so young. When I started writing this book I thought I would try to tell the world my personal experience of how the hippie movement began; all that it encompassed, all that it tried to teach society, all that it was. As I wrote I realized my life was filled with many more never to be forgotten moments, some weird, some hysterical, some scary, some joyous, and some historical. I had much more to tell and hopefully something to teach. With all that I have experienced I feel very fortunate to have come this far without any serious mishaps. I’ve never lost a fight (although I haven’t had many), I never broke a bone, I never went to jail (for longer than 12 hours), and I’ve never been really hurt or seriously ill. I’m still extremely healthy and feel I have more exciting adventures ahead of me.  It’s hard to fathom how lucky I’ve been. Thoughts of all the illegal, chaotic, amusing, frightening, and crazy shenanigans of my life have led me to believe I must have someone or something watching over me.



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