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No matter who you're shopping for, we have great gift ideas! Here are some of our favorites.

SKU: 767548151587

This adorable Sea Otter is the perfect travel option for babies on the go! With a soft, cuddly head and a blanket-like body, the Indy Otter Sshlumpie is easy to pack and bring in a suitcase. We have a variety of Sshlumpies to choose from at Bookshop Santa Cruz but Indy Otter is our favorite: the perfect gift to send love from the bay to a new baby abroad, or a memorable present from a family vacation.

SKU: 602394036667

Get creative in the kitchen with the Mushroom Poet magnetic kit! This fungi themed poetry kit has over 200 magnetic words to make endless stories and poems. Have fun with these magnets whether you’ve got downtime while cooking or just hanging out by your fridge -  you can use it sporadically!

SKU: 092657032596

Whether you’re headed to the beach or buying groceries, everyone needs a great tote bag, especially one that just gets you. Made out of 95% post consumer recycled material, this high quality shoulder tote includes a zipper and reinforced shoulder straps for all your beach day needs.

SKU: 743772024781

Give an old shirt a new look, hide a stain on your favorite pants, or just have fun getting crafty with some friends using Tie Dye. This age-old classic activity is a great outdoor option for a group - it can dye up to 15 shirts! Fun for all ages, this Made In USA product creates lasting memories and cool clothes to remember them. 

SKU: 085761024182

Transform a simple Sandcastle into a fortified palace using this Deluxe Beach Gear set. This abundant set of beach tools includes a watering can, handle bucket, sieve, rake, sand molds, and more to make your masterpieces. The best part? It comes in a reusable bag with a zipper and straps so you can carry it to the beach whenever you like for a summer of fun.

SKU: 612615078499

Splash in the sun or enjoy a rainy camping trip worry-free with this essential high quality outdoor gear. The waterproof dry bag is a great device for any water-based adventure: kayaking, river rafting, hiking, etc. Pack your lunch, electronic devices, or valuables in this useful outdoor go-to and never worry about staying dry again!

SKU: 892884000852

Adapt or die! Creative, dynamic, and educational, Evolution is a strategy game full of adventure. Outlast your opponents’ species by evolving your species with special traits to survive the ecosystem. Ages 12+, 2-6 players, 60+ min playing time.

SKU: 890382000381

We may be biased as Booksellers, but here at Bookshop Santa Cruz we LOVE Scrabble! This classic crossword game combines expert vocabulary and strategy to score the most points against your family and friends. Inspired by the original 1948 edition of Scrabble, this nostalgia edition comes in a decorative tin box and features retro graphics and artwork for a classic look. Ages 8+, 2-4 players.

SKU: 899600003289

This classic ancient two player strategy game is one of the world’s oldest games for a reason. Take turns capturing your opponent’s colorful gemstones on this birchwood board until one player has them all. Ages 6+, 2 players.

SKU: 700304153814

Yahtzee! Or is it? This pho-nomenal spin on the classic strategy dice game of Yahtzee serves up fun for family and friends. An instant staple to your game nights, it even includes custom flavored dice: Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Lime, Corn, and Carrots. Ages 8+, 1 or more players.