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Bookshop Santa Cruz Gift Cards

Make shopping easy!

Bookshop Santa Cruz Gift Cards make great gifts! They never expire or lose value and can be redeemed on our store's website or in our store. Click here to check your gift card balance.

We have a few delivery options:

  • Email (code sent immediately or on a specific date! The physical card will be held in the store)
  • FREE USPS Non-Trackable Mail (sent the same day, but no tracking number is generated)
  • USPS First Class Shipping (includes a tracking number for a small fee)

Please note: E-gift cards can only be used on our website. They were a great option during the pandemic, but we will be sunsetting the program. They will never lose their value and can continue to be used! However, we will not be releasing them in the future. If you would like to check your e-gift code balance, click here.


Minimum: $5.00