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Book Bundles

Want a stack of new books hand-picked for you by our bookselling team? Answer the questions below and let our expert booksellers make a few selections you're sure to love. Get a bundle for yourself or send one to a book-loving friend. (Looking for book bundles for kids? Click here.)

Choose your book bundle price point below. Please keep in mind that, on average, paperbacks usually run $19.50 and hardcovers $30.50 (including tax). Bookshop will pick out the best combination of books that meets your price point.

We will create a custom bundle of books at your desired price point.
PLEASE NOTE: We will send your package to whatever you specify here, regardless of the address entered in the checkout process later.
We will work to adhere to preferences but sometimes we might need to choose a different format to meet the right price point of your selection.