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VIRTUAL EVENT: Zoom Forward! Lora DeVore, Lisa Thompson & Vivianne Knebel

Friday, April 22, 2022 - 5:00pm

VIRTUAL EVENT: Zoom Forward! Featuring Lora DeVore, Lisa Thompson & Vivianne Knebel

Founded by Jory Post, Zoom Forward! is an ongoing reading series to showcase writers, keep our cultural spirits high, and support Bookshop Santa Cruz. Presented by phren-ZCatamaran, and Bookshop Santa Cruz.

Live on Zoom (link and instructions provided upon signup). Register here.

Author, Therapist, Educator Lora DeVore is a writer and catalyst for transformational change for both individuals and systems. Her wisdom comes from the field of psychology, transpersonal development and spiritual psychology. Most importantly, it comes from the inside-out, from facing the darkest aspects of human experience and mining the dark for the treasures that can be found. In doing so she has not only moved through post-traumatic growth, but beyond as she is transcending all previous limitations to living a Luminous Life. With an advanced degree in clinical psychology and recognized as a national expert and catalyst for change, Lora is also known as a powerful storyteller. She has witnessed how stories shift consciousness around the world. Lora is a respected professional - and has experienced trauma that once lay secreted in a dark inner world wrapped in shame, confusion and a ravaged nervous system. She's learned how to navigate in the dark and the light. Lora is a survivor of abuse, sex trafficking, illegal pharmaceutical drug research, and institutional abuse: she can speak for those like her, who have been silenced for decades.

Lisa Thompson is the second American woman to summit K2, the second highest and considered the deadliest mountain in the world. Lisa has also summitted the highest mountain on all seven continents and is currently coordinating an all-women’s expedition to an unclimbed peak in Nepal in 2022, which will be led by Sherpani in support of Nepalese women. She is a breast cancer survivor and in 2018 founded Alpine Athletics where she coaches aspiring climbers to reach their mountain goals. Her forthcoming book, Finding Elevation, chronicles her path from novice climber to the summit of K2.

Vivianne Knebel was born in Berlin during WWII Vivianne grew up in the post-war years. Those challenging times left their mark on her but also toughened her against all the adversities of this world. These experiences are ultimately what led her to become an author and the hopes of inspiring others everywhere.

In her second book “Lessons Learned About Life and Love”, Vivianne shares some of the lessons she has learned from writers and thinkers such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Viktor Frankl, weaving them into her own experiences in a compelling guide to living, loving and thriving in old age. Her insights offer proof that great wisdom is not gained only from the classroom or the lecture hall, and that one need not look far to understand the secrets to living well. From anecdotes about her everyday rituals to memories from her world travels, Vivianne captures the profound and often surprising moments of enlightenment that can be found right in front of us, if we only know where- and how to look.

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