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In-Person, In-Store Events at Bookshop Santa Cruz

FAQ for In-Person, In-Store Events

As of March 2022, the pandemic is in a (very welcome) lull, which obviously we hope will continue. However—as we know all too well by now—a new covid variant could emerge at any moment, disrupting everything.

That’s why, for now, Bookshop Santa Cruz will be requiring all attendees at our in-person events to provide proof of vaccination and wear a well-fitting mask for the duration of the event. 

Attendees will be sharing indoor space together (in Bookshop’s Skylight Room) and the health and safety of our staff, customers, and visiting authors remains of critical importance. Thank you for contributing to the well-being of your community!

Q: Does it cost money to attend?

A: Currently, our in-store events continue to be free to attend! We encourage you to support our events program, authors, and local economy with a book purchase (or two or three!)


Q: Can I get a seat without registering?

A: Depending on whether seats are available, we’re able to welcome walk-ups. Registered guests who do not arrive by the time the event starts surrender their seats, so more chairs may become available even when registration is full. Please note: You will still need to present proof of vaccination and mask up while in the Skylight Room. 


Q: I just want to stand and watch the event from outside of the Skylight Room!

A: That’s fine. The event will be audible (and visible in some places) beyond the Skylight Room, so feel free to observe as long as you are being respectful and keeping walkways clear.


Q: What is proof of vaccination?

A: The CDC considers vaccination a full initial COVID-vaccine course plus booster shot.  A photo of your official COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card will suffice in a pinch.


Q: Can I arrive to check in for the event, then save myself a seat and browse the store?

A: Yes! Please enjoy the store—and buy lots of books! Just be sure to take your seat by the time the event starts.


Q: Can I reserve a specific seat? Do you assign seating?

A: We offer unassigned, open seating for our free in-store events! Registration will hold an unassigned seat until the event begins. If you have an ADA need/request, please email to by an hour before the event starts.


Q: What if I’m just browsing in the store—do I need proof of vaccination and a mask?

A: Nope! You can still be in Bookshop's public space without proof of vaccination, and masks are currently optional in the store (per recent lift of the state/county mandate), but you may not sit in the Skylight Room for the event unless you are registered and/or have showed proof of vaccination, and are properly wearing your mask (policy subject to change).


Q: Why do you need my email when I register?

A: We ask for your email so that we can communicate with you about the event, including sending helpful reminder emails. We may also alert you to similar Bookshop Santa Cruz events you might enjoy. We will never sell your email to anyone, ever.


Q: Can I watch in-person events from my laptop at home?

A: Sorry, hybrid (in-person + virtual) events are surprisingly difficult and resource-intensive to produce, and we do not offer that viewing experience at this time.


Q: Can I bring my unvaccinated child to an event?

A: Not at this time. Policy subject to change.