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Before history began, before the Roman Empire was born, even before the Parthenon sat atop the Acropolis of Athens, was the Age of Heroes. In those days, the boundary between gods and mortals was much thinner, so thin that the greatest of mortals could enter the gods’ halls upon sacred Mount Olympus when they died. To do so, a hero needed more than divine parentage or glorious deeds. A hero needed illustrious renown: his or her story had to become a legend that would endure forever. In Elysium, you have a chance to craft for yourself such a story and gain entrance to the halls of Olympus. 

Elysium is a game of card drafting and set collection for two to four players, designed by the team at Space Cowboys. Over the course of five Epochs, your and your opponents recruit heroes, acquire artifacts, and undertake heroic quests in order to forge spectacular Legends. The player with the most victory points at the end of the Epochs wins. Some of your divine achievements in the world above may provide you with victory points, but it is your legends in the world below, in Elysium, that confer the most victory points and allow you to join the immortal gods in their eternal home.

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