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Constantine at the Bridge (Kobo eBook)

Constantine at the Bridge By Stephen Dando-Collins Cover Image
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45th Book from Expert Historian:

The publication of Constantine at the Bridge marks 45 books from award-winning author Stephen Dando-Collins. His books are available around the world in numerous languages. Dando-Collins is considered an authority on the legions of ancient Rome. His 2013 book, Rise of an Empire, was made into the major motion picture 300: Rise of an Empire.

Award-Winning Author with Unparalleled Storytelling:

Dando-Collins is acclaimed for his precise attention to historical detail while maintaining engaging narratives. This book is sure to appeal to his existing history fan base, academics, and religious leaders. It is the only account of the Battle of Milvian Bridge that unites academic merit with page-turning general market appeal.

Modern-Day Relevance:

Dando-Collins' examination of the Battle of Milvian Bridge reveals the mechanisms that allowed Christianity to spread and become a major world religion, giving the book headline-appeal to the media.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781684426843
Publisher: Turner
Publication Date: November 8th, 2021