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Originally written in Russian in 1920 and first published in English in 1924, “We” is the dystopian novel by Russian science-fiction writer Yevgeny Zamyatin. “We” takes place hundreds of years into a bleak future, where the citizens live under the total control and surveillance of a police state, called One State. The country is made almost entirely out of glass, which makes it easier for the government to watch every move of its citizens. One State manages all aspects of the society with a rigid, scientific discipline where art and passion are outlawed. Citizens are expected to march in step, wear the prescribed uniforms, and are only able to refer to each other by their assigned numbers, rather than names. The main character is D-503, a mathematician who lives willingly under One State’s strict rules until he meets and falls in love with I-330, a rebel who lives her life with the creativity and lust prohibited and feared by One State. “We” is widely viewed as the forerunner to such dystopian classics as “Brave New World” and “1984” and continues to be a fascinating and vivid work of science fiction and social commentary.