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Dreaming in Colors: A Spiritual Memoir

Peterson, Pamela Wertz

Have you ever been unhappy with who you are, how you feel, how you’re relating to others? But you haven’t known how to change things? Perhaps you’re dealing with loss or searching for more meaning in your life.

When Pamela found herself in this situation, not liking the angry, pained woman in the mirror, an inner voice spoke to her and she began to listen. It spoke through her intuition, her dreams, and people she met along the way. This was the beginning of her spiritual journey. A life-long teacher, Pamela now opens her heart to share many of the insights she’s uncovered in Dreaming in Colors: A Spiritual Memoir. Intensely personal, yet universal, this is a journey through life’s joys, doubts, anger and fears. With reverence and gratitude for life, Pamela is poignant, vulnerable, often questioning, sometimes amusing, always hopeful.

The vignettes and poetry sparkle and are illustrated with the author’s color photos. Dreaming in Colors shows us ways to create spiritual fulfillment in our lives; how to continue moving forward when our path is unclear; how to find true joy despite the hardships we invariably face in life.