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Doggeral Days


Author Bio: 

I was born on March 17th with red hair and into a very Irish family. When the time came for my mother to fill out the little card assigning me a name, she filled it out as Richard Brian. The doctor who delivered me balked at this and told her that under these triple-converging circumstances she needed to name me Patrick. She would not budge. Several weeks later and much to my parents surprise they received notice in the mail from the county that they had been blessed with a new baby named Patrick. (It was the name that surprised them, not the arrival of a baby.) The doctor had changed the name on the card and a trip to the county offices was subsequently made to change my name back to Richard. 

I'm not one to believe in the supernatural but could this be where my bi-polar came from? Or perhaps this is why I had trouble focusing in school? (Patrick was listening to the teacher while Richard looked out the window.) Or the difficulty sticking with one form of employment, having worked as everything from a cantaloupe box repair person to a 31 Flavors ice-cream-scooper to a programmer to a ceramic artist? Richard loves ceramic art while Patrick prefers systems analysis. Now the only question to answer is, who wrote this book and who gets the profits?