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Doggeral Days

D'Arcey, Richard

A couple years ago I woke at 2 AM and could not get back to sleep. I had a poem inside me that had to be written down so I journeyed to the popsicle-cold living room and unloaded the verse. This was odd because I have always been more of a ceramic artist than a poet. Since then the poetry has been like a faucet that I can't turn off. Most of the poetry is doggeral (irregular comic verse according to my Google Home). 

When you read this very unusual verse, you will certainly see three things: 1) Looking through the eyes of others helps us reflect on our own humanity in a humorous way. 2) My bi-polar disorder shines through and warps everything in sight. You will read poems that are Sexy, Twisted, Irreverent, Outrageous, Beautiful, Sarcastic, Silly, Cynical, Dark-Humored and more. 3) I am not an illustrator. I tried to hire an illustrator but was ultimately persuaded by my wife to try it myself. She was wrong.