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Death in Her Hands--SIGNED BY AUTHOR

Ottessa Moshfegh
SKU: A781984879356

We have limited signed first edition, first printing copies available of Death in Her Hands, signed on a tip-in page by author Ottessa Moshfegh.

"Death in Her Hands is a unique, powerful stream-of-consciousness novel about the deterioration of mind in the wilderness and paranoia caused by solitude and the overwhelming feeling of being out of place. The main character, Vesta, is an elderly widow who finds a note in the woods that implies a murder has transpired and decides to "investigate". Her investigation, however, is simply imagining all the details about the "case", from the personality of the victim to all the potential suspects. As the case gets "unraveled," so does Vesta's mind. The end, in a typical Moshfegh fashion, is simultaneously predictable and shocking; depressing, yet somehow freeing. Her writing style is, of course, gorgeous. Where Moshfegh succeeds is in allowing us to enter specifically a female psyche, telling a story of a woman who, in her own unravelling, comes to realize just how abused and unloved she was throughout her life. I think this novel will resonate with a lot of readers and further establish Moshfegh as one of the best novelists of our time." - Ksenia, Bookshop Santa Cruz Staff

Price: $27.00
First Edition, First Printing, Tip-In