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Bookshop's Response to COVID-19 with Event Updates

Dear Customers,
Bookshop Santa Cruz has been following the COVID-19 outbreak and response closely. Our first priority is the health of our customers and staff. As such, we are adhering to the guidelines laid out by the State and Santa Cruz County Health Departments. We wanted to share our response at this time while we continue to assess the situation on a daily basis.
At Bookshop:
Bookshop is open to the public and we are maintaining our regular hours of 9am-10pm (Sunday-Thursday) and 9am-11pm (Friday & Saturday). We are disinfecting high-impact communal surfaces at least twice a day, and we’ve doubled up the daily cleaning schedule for our public restrooms. Because our restrooms are available to the public, we encourage customers as well as employees to use the facility as often as possible to wash their hands (thoroughly for 20 seconds, with plenty of soap) and are working to ensure that we always have soap on hand. We are also instructing staff to offer hand sanitizer at the registers where there is shared contact of goods.
Bookshop offers paid time off and sick leave to employees, and requires employees to stay home if sick, with no penalty. We also are following the lead of Trader Joe’s in offering to pay employees if they need to stay home when they are sick even if they do not have any paid time off or sick leave available.
We also offer online shopping direct to homes at , where we can ship not only what is in our store but also millions of additional titles across publishers and distributors, all from our website. As this situation unfolds, we are exploring other options for delivery of books locally to our customers.
For Events:
As of March 9th, the Santa Cruz County Health Department advised the cancellation of events with more than 50 people through March 22nd. To that end, we will be cancelling our events until March 22nd to be reassessed after that date. Here is more information about each event:
  • Poetry Santa Cruz (3/10): We are working with Poetry Santa Cruz to see if we can reschedule this reading to another date in spring.
  • Lloyd Kahn (3/12): We will reschedule this event to a date in July. Please stay tuned.
  • Action Night with Santa Cruz Indivisible (3/16): We are cancelling our March Action Night, Please plan to join us on April 20th for our next Action Night.
  • Offsite, ticketed event with Dan Pfeiffer (3/19): This event is being postponed to a later date (currently being determined); we will transfer tickets to the new date, while also offering refund options for those ticketholders who cannot attend at the rescheduled date. Please stay tuned for details about your options.
  • Carolyn Forché (4/3): Although this event falls beyond our cancellation schedule, the event has been cancelled due to the author not touring.

Update as of March 12th:

As of March 12th, in response to the evolving sutation, and California's escalation recommendations at the state level, we are cancelling or postponing our events through the end of March. These events now also include:

  • Zach Norris (3/24): This event has been postponed. We are working with the author and the NAACP of Santa Cruz County to hopefully reschedule this event for a date later this year. 
  • David Kirsch (3/26): This event had been postponed. We are working with the author to reschedule to a later date this spring.
  • Pam Munoz Ryan (3/30): This free off-site event in Watsonville has been postponed in coordination with the publisher, in order to limit opportunities for the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. We will be working with the author and our local co-sponsors to reschedule this special event for this fall.
  • Patrice Vecchione (3/31): This event has been postponed. We are working with the author to reschedule to a later date this summer.
  • David Lebovitz (6/3): Although this event falls beyond our cancellation schedule, David Lebovitz's full Spring book tour has been cancelled by the publisher, following a reschedule from our original April date. We will be in contact with the publisher in hopes of rescheduling the tour for a later date.
Please reach out to us for any feedback or concerns you may have and check our website for more information on our events line-up .
Thank you for your support of local businesses in Santa Cruz as we maintain operations during this rapidly changing situation. Our wish is for every member of our community to be safe and supported at this time.
Casey Coonerty Protti & Bookshop Santa Cruz