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Bookshop Santa Cruz's Consignment Program

2023 Holiday Season Deadlines:

New Consignment Registration: November 12th, 2023

New consignment titles registered for the Bookshop Santa Cruz Consignment Program after November 12th, 2023 are not guaranteed to be processed into our system or placed on our shelves until January, 2024.

New Promotional Packages: October 15th, 2023

New Promotional Packages purchased after October 15th, 2023 will not have their Package or its paid features begin until services resume in January, 2024. No Promotional Package features for any Consignment title, including in-store displays and email inclusions, occur between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Bookshop Santa Cruz is proud to support our local authors. We handle hundreds of professionally produced and self-published books on consignment each year. This program allows us to devote our resources to prominently featuring consignment titles throughout the store and online. It is our expectation that this program will lead to higher sales and more publicity for our authors. 

Please note: program is limited to authors local to the Santa Cruz area, or the Monterey Bay or San Francisco Bay Area only

For more information on our program and the books we carry, please see our General Program Guidelines and Consignment Submission Guidelines

If you have specific questions not addressed by our General Program Information or Consignment Submission Guidelines, you can check our Consignment Program FAQ, or please feel free reach out to our Local Author Coordinator at 

Consignment Program Offerings:

Basic Registration ($40.00/title):

  • In-store inventory listing for consignment title. 
  • Title will be stocked and shelved in our Local Author section and its respective genre section for a minimum of six months.

For more information on the Basic Consignment program, guidelines, and policies, please click the above link.

Promotional Package (Basic Registration + $110.00):

  • Prominently feature your book for at least two weeks a New & Recommended location for your title's genre.
  • Display your book for at least two weeks on the Local Author display shelf with a personalized shelftalker.
  • List your book in our e-mail newsletter sent to over 20,000 customers.
  • Enable customers to buy your book online for the entire time it is in stock at Bookshop.

Please note that due to the high volume of promotional package submissions, it can often take at least 4-6 weeks for books to be placed in the New & Recommended section after the initial drop-off. Each package element is staggered to maximize exposure for the title. Depending on the number of active promotional titles, Local Author displays may take a minimum of 6-8 weeks from package start date. Newsletter features occur in the order by which authors sign-up for promotional packages and often occur after in-store display periods have culminated.

We will ask you to provide additional information for marketing. After fees have been processed, Bookshop Santa Cruz will follow-up to request this information via email. Your book will not appear online or with its shelftalker until we receive this information and it has been processed.

Ready to Register Your Consignment Title?

Step 1: Fill out the Consignment Program Registration Form

Step 2: Submit your Program Fees


Basic Registration: Purchase $40.00 “Consignment Registration Fees”

Promotional Package: Purchase $40.00 “Consignment Registration Fee” AND $110.00 “Promotional Package Fees”. The total for registering a book and selecting the promotional package will be $150.00.

Step 3: Wait for your fees to be processed, and then follow the emailed instructions from our staff.

Want to register and/or pay fees in-person? 

Visit our store's Front Street Information Desk with five copies of your title and our staff can get your title registered and process your payment of fees in person. 

Need to mail the books? 

Please request a mailing address from our Local Author Coordinator at